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About Hakone Sight

Hakone is famous for the place where you can view Mt. Fuji, but it is said that Mt. Fuji can only be viewed for 90 days a year because of the weather. So, you are very lucky if you can see Mt. Fuji. You can see the deatail at Mt. fuji viewpoint. Other than Mt. Fuji, there are many sightseeing areas in Hakone such as onsen, shrines, lake, nature and art museums.
Please get basic information from this website and go for sightseeing in Hakone.

Kowakudani area

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun 箱根小涌園ユネッサン
Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a hot springs spa resort and water amusement park located in the spectacular scenic surroundings of Hakone, Japan and 3-minute walk from B&B Hakone and HAKONE HOTEL Kowakien. We have a unique blend of traditional Japanese onsen (hot springs) and water recreation services and activities. Hakone is considered the most popular Onsen (Hot Springs) resort areas in Japan, and Yunessun takes full advantage of the abundance of high quality hot springs in Hakone.
[Opening Hours]
Yunessun (swimsuits bathing) : 9:00am - 7:00pm
Mori no Yu (naked bathing) : 11:00am - 9:00pm
* Final admission is allowed one hour before the closing hour.
[Admission Fee (tax included)]
Yunessun (swimsuits bathing) : Adults 2,900yen, Children 1,600yen
Mori no Yu (naked bathing) : Adults 1,900yen, Children 1,200yen
Passport (Yunessun & Mori no Yu) : Adults 4,100yen, Children 2,100yen


Gora area

Hakone Gora Park 箱根強羅公園
Hakone Gora Park

It is a first formal-type French garden in Japan. Rose garden, Bougainvillea House, Hand-on Workshop Craft House and Haku-undo Tea Garden are located surrounding the fountain built in the center of the garden.
[Address] 1300 Gora, Hakone-machi, Ashigarasimo-gun, Kanagawa
[TEL] 0460-82-2825 (International: +81-460-82-2825)
[Hours] 9:00am - 5:00pm *Admission allowed until 4:30pm.
[Admission fee] Adult 550yen *Free for elementary school and younger children
[Access] 2-minute from Gora station of Hakone Tozan Railway by Hakone Tozan Cable Car → within walking distance from Koen-Shimo Station

Facilities in Hakone Gora Park
Hakone Gora Park

[Tropical Plants Museum]
You can enjoy the tropical atmosphere of more than 3,500 plant stocks of 200 kinds of banana and gum trees as well as the symbolic Canonball tree in the green house where man-made waterfall drops down.

Hakone Gora Park

[Bougainvaillea House]
As if you step into a tropical island, exotic collection of bougainvaillea, hibiscus and seasonal and colorful of flowers are beautifully blooming. Especially, the oldest bougainvaillea in Japan and huge bonsai tree with shaft of 30 cm wide are worth seeing.

Hakone Gora Park

[Craft House]
This is the facility that you can try various activities, such as making blown glass, pottery arts, lampwork glasses, accessories, dried flowers and sandblasting.
[Business hours] 9:00am - 5:00pm *The starting time varies, according to the activities.
[Examples of Prices]
Accessories with lampworks : 680yen- / Beadworks : From 2,200yen-
Dried flowers : From 1,100yen- / Blizzard flowers : From 1,600yen-
Making lampworks : From 2,540yen-

There are some other facilities, Tropical Herb House, gift shop and café. Please call in when you visit Gora.

Hakone Museum of Art 箱根美術館
Hakone Museum of Art

Hakone Museum of Arts, which is the oldest museum in Hakone, displays mainly Japanese Art in addition to eastern Asia. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, such as a "koke niwa" (moss garden) with 130 kinds of moss and 200 of Japanese maple trees, "hagi no michi" (Japanese bush clover path) and "chikutei" (bamboo garden), and you can enjoy a seasonal atmosphere. It is also regarded as a spot for beautiful autumn Japanese maples in November. In addition to these gardens "Sekirakuen Garden" with massive rocks, is specially opened in weekends, public holidays and November. Also, "Shinwa tei", a tea room facing the moss garden serves you organic macha (green tea) and Japanese sweets, which seasonally varies.

Hakone Museum of Art

[Address] 1300 Gora, Hakone-machi, Ashigarasimo-gun, Kanagawa
[TEL] 0460-82-2623 (International: +81-460-82-2623)
From April to November : 9:30am - 4:30pm / From December to March : 9:30am - 4:00pm
(*Admission is allowed until 30 minutes before the closing hour.)
[Regular holiday] Closed on Thursday (Except National Holidays, Open throughout November, Closed on 12/25 to 12/31 and the beginning of the year)
[Admission fee]
Adult 900yen, College and high school students 400yen, Elementary and junior high school students free
[Bonus Tickets] Tickets for admission fee and macha (green tea) with seasonal sweets : 1,200yen
[Access] 5-minute from Gora station of Hakone Tozan Railway by Hakone Tozan Cable Car → within walking distance from Koen-Kami Station

Tea Room "Shinwatei" (English speaking staff will welcome you.)

Hakone Museum of ArtHakone Museum of ArtHakone Museum of Art


Moto-Hakone area

Ashinoko Lake / Moto-hakone 芦ノ湖・元箱根
Ashinoko Lake Moto-hakone

Lake Ashi (also called "Ashinoko" in Japanese) is a crater lake of 40 km around, which has been one of the most popular sightseeing spot to represent Hakone. The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise stops at the 5 major ports, including Hakonemachi, Moto-Hakone, Hakone-en, Kojiri, and Tougendai around the Lake Ashi.
Ashinoko Lake
Great viewing point of Hakone with different faces throughout all four seasons; fresh greenery in spring, fireworks in summer, foliage in autumn, and the reflection of Mt. Fuji in the lake in winter. Popular area for fishing black bass and rainbow trout.
[Access] 40-minute by Hakone Tozan Bus bound for Moto-Hakone/Hakonemachi from Hakone-Yumoto station of Hakone Tozan Railway. Bus Terminal: Moto-Hakone/Hakonemachi (within a short walking distance from the station)
Hakone Sightseeing Cruise 箱根海賊船
[Hours] 9:30am - 5:00pm (Departure time is every 30-40 minutes. Time schedule is subject to change.)
[Fee] One-way Trip between Hakonemachi Port/Moto-Hakone Port and Tougendai Port : Adults 1,000yen, Children 500yen
Round Trip : Adults 1,840yen, Children 910yen
[Access] 40-minute by Hakone Tozan Bus bound for Kojiri/Tougendai from Hakone-Yumoto station of Hakone Tozan Railway.
Bus Terminal: Tougendai (within a short walking distance from the station)


Hakone-Yumoto area

Hakone-machi Tourist Information Center
Hakone-machi Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center of Hakone.
Tourist Information is provided in English (Chinese and Korean are available only on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays).
[Place] Located within walking distance from Hakone-yumoto Station.
[TEL] 0460-85-5700 (International: +81-460-85-5700)
[Business hours] 9:00am - 5:45pm


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